Feel like you're meant for more?

Like surely there is more to life than simply tidying up waiting to leave for your 9-5? Always watching the clock making sure your boss doesn't steal a second more than you let him have.

More to relationships than the perfunctory text conversation every five weeks, and more to mental health than telling your reflection how OK you look. And forget about all the fluffy "self-help" tutorials that somehow make you feel worse!

Two years ago, I was feeling those same things; I was stuck in a job I hated, surrounded by people who didn't know me, lost is life and wondering if this was as good as it would get.

I was hopeless.

You can live a life you love!

Your days shouldn't be spent in a never-ending battle between toxic boss-babe hustle culture and a sit down and shut up mentality!

As women, finding a real balance between the drive of everyday life and the desire to just slow down will be a constant challenge . . . Or will it?

You don't have to accept a life you're not happy with!

Social Media will tell you that the life of a woman is one of endless worry and running late for work, but you shouldn't be a slave to your schedule and feel that you could be accomplishing so much more!

Your life should accomodate you, not the other way aorund! 

Women should never have to go through life wondering what they were put here to do!

You can create your dream life!

Feeling stuck and out of place is not what any woman deserves! Women are powerful, resilient, and totally capable of crafting a lifdestyle they love that is free from Anxiety, constant Depression, and the weight of others' opinions about her!

I know intamately how painful it is to feel the inability to escape a life you hate!

I committed to myself that I would not - and could not - settlefor the same path I was headed down. So I made a change. I set out on a journey to find the kind of life that I wanted, one that would fulfill every desire I had in my heart! 

it is possible!

I have a living passion for helping women around the world realize their situation and rise up from their circumstances to create a life that fulfills and inspires them!

I have a mission every day to go to sleep excited to wake up in the moringn and I want ever women to create a life that fills her with the same energy!

I have combined years of research and unmeasureable personal experienced to create resourses and guides that help women do exactly what I have done:

Create a Life She Never Wants a Vacation from!